• You definitely made an impression on me. We were challenged to come up with a two word "purpose title " to describe our true purpose. My take away was It is important to value that we are worth more than our job titles. Job titles should never define what God intends for us to be!! Yes, this was in fact a woman of Christian Faith and not ashamed to declare amongst her peers and employers that she believes in Jesus Christ and the purpose God has for her through ministering to the students that she encounters. It was truly a blessing participating in a workshop when the instructor is demonstrating her Faith walk and mission.    

    Carla McKinney Senior Sourcing Specialist – Entertainment Commodity, Walt Disney World
  •  I was so inspired by [Jennifer’s] presentation and look forward to implementing some new elements to programs and student appointments.  I also appreciated the exercise of giving ourselves a purpose title. 

    Sandi Ohman Assistant Director Career Services - Daytona Beach, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Whatever you are doing is just taking my breath away. The words “thank you” could never express how I feel right now. I am just blown away by your generosity, if gives me faith and when I have lows along this journey, I will certainly think of this moment.

    Stace Jeffries National Golf Club Challenge, UK
  • On the behalf of the Office of Academic Support & Disability and the Bridges Scholar program, please accept these few words as a small token of our appreciation for the masterful job you did today.  Even though we are colleagues working in the same division and for this university, we welcomed the level of professionalism you brought to our session.  Your knowledge of the material was undeniably profound, your presentation was organized, the stated objectives were realized and thorough out meeting, you successfully synthesized all of the moving parts in a cohesive manner, that was respectful, engaging and refreshing.   Your choice of words and the tone of your voice added to the comfort with which you engaged us in the discussions.  Your questions were poignant, the examples were practical and relevant and which added clarity to today’s activities. We all reorganize the wealth of your experience, and the giftedness with which you’ve been blessed in this particular filed. We would be remiss if we did not let you know that you are valued, appreciated and we are honored to be your colleague. Continue to hone your craft, sharpen your skills, remain humble and be ready to walk into the doors that the Lord will be opening for you.   PBA is blessed to have an employee of your caliber and talent.

    Whitfield Felix Director of Academic Support & Disability Services, Palm Beach Atlantic University
  • Jennifer is a great communicator! Jennifer is contagious, warm, and infectious. She is able to challenge and motivate her audience to reach their goals, and provides great content to take home and put into practice.

    Dr. Norman & Judy Benz Lead Pastors, Covenant Centre International
  • Your session on priority management really affected me. I am not a very organized person, and often forget about meetings, work, and assignments. After that seminar I went and wrote in a calendar everything I need to do for the next two weeks.

    Brandon Painting and Decorating Contractor of America (PDCA member)
  • Thank you for your time and dedication to your profession and the students. Thank you for the impact you have made and the growth that you have caused in my life. You have made a difference.

    Anonymous note left by former student
  • You expanded my mind and that is something very few people can do.

  • I want you to know that our meeting was unlike anything I have ever experienced. We scheduled a meeting to help me upgrade and improve my resume however, I walked out of your office with something much more valuable. Your guidance was spiritual and sincere. You helped me to regain confidence in myself. You steered me onto the path that is best for me. I must say that I walked into your office frustrated and confused, I felt empty and incomplete. I had no idea that I would express my true feelings during a resume writing session. As our session ended, I began to feel rejuvenated, energetic, and revitalized. Your skills were phenomenal and I could not wait to share my experience with my friends and my wife. Thank you very much and I look forward to meeting with you again.

    Miledge Hoper Jr. Small Business Owner/Operator

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